[gsoc17] Attn: We need 2017 mentors and project ideas for Boost!
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Niall Douglas
2017-01-25 10:39:30 UTC
Dear Boost community,

We are now a few weeks from the beginning of Google Summer of Code
2017! Last year we had the big surprise of being rejected by Google as
an org, the second time ever, on the basis that Google felt we needed a
year off. Thanks to the quick actions of the Boost Steering Committee
and IMC Financial Markets we managed to put together a "Boost Summer of
Code" so the students with projects in progress would not be left
stranded. Despite a fair few teething problems, I think that worked out

As part of filling in our application for 2017, we must supply to Google
a list of potential GSoC mentors and potential GSoC projects for summer
2017 in order to be approved as an organisation this year. Therefore a
lengthy page of awesome project ideas at
https://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/wiki/SoC2017 before *February 9th*
would be an enormous help to getting us approved again this year and
bringing to Boost another US$35,000 of Google funding.

If you think yourself able to mentor a student doing some work on Boost
this summer, *please* consider adding a description of the proposed work
item and your name to the list. The year before last we had more slots
awarded to us by Google than we had good combinations of student and
mentor, so we had to return slots which I believe has not happened here
at Boost GSoC in at least a decade. That means that your project ideas
have a better chance than ever of receiving funding if you can find a
good student, and that is best done by getting project ideas floated

If you want to know more about mentoring a Google Summer of Code funded
student work before you nominate yourself, please feel free to ask on
the main Boost developers mailing list ***@lists.boost.org or via
gsoc-***@boost.org. Thank you in advance for your time.
Niall Douglas
2017-02-07 10:49:41 UTC
Just to remind anyone interested in being a mentor for Google Summer of
Code 2017 that the ideas page needs to be ready for close of
applications *tomorrow* 8th February.


Thanks to everyone who have already added their project ideas.

Niall & Bryce